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Hey there art lovers and blog lovers!

hows life? mines been pretty good of late. Im not sure if I’ve mentioned this somewhat vital part of info about myself on this blog but Im Irish and I’v moved here to the Netherlands a couple of months ago. I am still adapting to being away from my homeland and my home comforts and most of all my family and friends. Also the Dutch language has possed somewhat of a challanging road ahead but I will keep stuggling with it.It is a beautiful country and the people so far, so friendly. But back to my original trail of thought this weekend has been especially good because one of my bestfriends visited me and brought me lots of Irish treats such as Tayto crisps and tea cake!! yumm yum! I also got to participate in a life drawing class so it was lovely to stretch them life drawing muscles again. I truely believe its something I should or for that matter anyone with a love of figure drawing should do as much as possible just to keep the anatomy sharp in your minds eye for illustration purposes. Its also amazing how your style will develope and change with practice. Down bellow is a section of a 15min drawing including numerous poses in the 15 mins.

Back to my big announcement………….CARDS!! Yes thats right birthday, wedding, thank you etc. all coming soon to my etsy shop so keep an eye out for those I have been making lots of cool watercolor images and I decided that alot of these would be perfect for the gift of a card. So please stay tuned for more on those! Also my Hedgehog lino will be available as of today on etsy.

or click any of the images in my gallery for a link to etsy.

Chat to you guys later!

life drawing

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