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Hey guys sorry for the pause in blogs. But I have been busy. From print to illustration and now to contempary modern abstract painting explorations. I studied painting in college but specialized in Printmaking so I would never assume to say I was any sort of expert especially when it come to materials eg. paints, mediums, glosses, finishes. Over the next couple of weeks I will update my blog regularly with what I have learned from my experimentations in colour and materials and themes.

As you know I am an Irish artist, I graduated from the Limerick school of Art and Design. I am a practicing artist now living in the Netherlands. The pieces in this current collection are inspired a longing to portray a deconstructed glance into the mind of someone dealing with OCD and anxiety. As apposed to my print work which is very restrained. I choose to use bold marks and, let the marks guide me as apposed to my usual controlled style in an effort to explore my anxiety of lossing control. Although I wanted to portray a deconstructed portrayal of what it feels like to create with those feelings governing the outcome of the painting for example the constant editing and unrest in my mind while continuously going back to look at my piece over a series of days/weeks. I chose to work from a juxtapositioning palette of blues and greens which are calming safe colours and them build upon them with brighter warmer yet sometimes jarring colours.

Check out more of my paintings on etsy just search inkyswink.

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